Extreme Facial Piercings

Extreme Facial Piercings

I'm sooooo happy with the result!!!! I hate the idea of nipple stretching. Why go to that extreme

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I mean i have tattoos and peicings but in moderation and not overboard. I had to cover an old tattoo and when I went for the consultati on Ben was awesome in understand ing the design I had in mind, he was really profe

Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings

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Extreme Facial Piercings
Norwegian Facial Features
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Piercing Taken To A W-HOLE New Level (PHOTOS)

Extreme Facial Piercings
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Extreme Facial Piercings
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